You say yaki, I say udon.

Broccoli and tofu yakiudonYakiudon has always been to go-to dish. The ingredients which you can put into a yakiudon is pretty much endless and it’s so quick, easy, and convenient which is what I love about it. Today I’ll be making a broccoli and tofu yakiudon.

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I know I said I hated pasta salad but…

Tuna and dill radiatori pasta salad…I made a pasta salad. Surprise, surprise! Okay, maybe I lied just a tad bit but I really do hate that store bought crap that’s full of mayonnaise and relish flavour as noted here. Gross. Anywho, I made this particular salad a number of times during this past summer and it was an insane hit. Here it is: my tuna and dill radiatori pasta salad.

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The best stuffed squash recipe ever.

Stuffed acorn squash with kamut saladI know a common way to cook acorn squash is to bake it with butter and tons of brown sugar. I mean, that’s really good and all, but why not bring out the natural sweetness of this vegetable? And instead of sweet, why not savoury? I tried this out for the first time and it came out perfect – acorn squash stuffed with kamut, hot Italian sausage, kale, king oyster mushrooms, and pear salad.

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It’s chilly. Let’s make chili.

Vegan chiliHar har har. I am so witty…okay, maybe not so much. But hey, it IS freakin’ cold outside and honestly, it’s officially soup weather. And since my mom left on vacation a couple weeks ago, she’s left a ton of ingredients at home that just may go to waste aka FREE GROCERIES! Score.

The first things I spotted were carrots and celery and what initially came to mind was a mirapoix, or the classic combination of onions, celery, and carrots. And with those ingredients I had to make soup. And the easiest soup? Chili. And to make it even easier? Vegan chili.

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And if you’re desperate, make fried rice.

Baby bok choy, kimchi and egg fried riceI wasn’t desperate to make fried rice. I was just desperate to get rid of the last surviving members of the baby bok choy family. I can proudly say that I survived baby bok choy week with no molding vegetables OR waste OR being sick of that vegetable. Hurray! I deserve a cookie for that, right?

Okay, maybe not. I guess I’ll be happy with my clean-up-my-fridge-fried rice aka baby bok choy, kimchi and egg fried rice.

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Noodle salad on the go.

Soba noodle salad rollsSince I made Vietnamese salad rolls, I was left with a ton of rice paper wrappers left and I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to make these again!” but realistically (and without my mandoline and banh pho), I probably won’t be making them unless I specifically go out to buy those ingredients. And I’m lazy. That probably won’t happen for a while until I get a craving or something.

But…I have so many damn wrappers to go through. What else could I possibly make with them? After reviewing the ingredients, I thought, “Why don’t I wrap a noodle salad in there?”. And thus, the chilled buckwheat soba noodle, baby bok choy, and kimchi salad roll was born.

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