I can’t do math = soggy rice.

Crispy pan-fried rice cakes

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Seriously.

As an Asian, I consume a lot of rice. As an Asian who is terrible at math, this can sometimes can to be a problem. You see, rice should have a simple equation – somewhere on the lines of 1:2 ratio for rice. Or atleast that’s how it was in my mom’s rice cooker. WRONG. After many failed attempts of rice being too dry or too moist, I have found THE perfect equation for jasmine rice: 1:1.75 (rice to water). And although I have found the perfect equation to make the most perfect, fluffiest rice in my boyfriend’s oldschool rice cooker, I still managed to fuck it up by somehow thinking that using my own equation, two cups of rice would need five cups of water. Um, yeah.

BUT then I created something delicious out of this fuck up overly moist rice: crispy pan-fried rice cakes.

Wha? And how do you manage something crispy out of something soggy? Well, my friends, rice that has been watered too much when cooked is actually ideal when making rice patties. The extra moisture in the rice actually helps the whole entity stick together and eliminates the need for a binding agent (ie. eggs) or filler (ie. breadcrumbs/panko).

So originally when I made this rice, I envisioned making it into pineapple and sausage fried rice, which I did but it was still a bit mushy. So I created this crispy rice patty with great success. Awesome for breakie with a fried egg, roasted seaweed, sriracha and Japanese mayo. Yep. Try it with other mix-ins as well.

Crispy pan-fried rice cakes Crispy pan-fried rice cakes

Crispy pan-fried rice cakes
What you’ll need:
– 2 tbsp ghee, or vegetable oil
– 2 cups cooked moist rice
– Sriracha (optional)
– Japanese mayo (optional)
– Roasted seaweed, cut into thin strips (optional)

What you’ll need to do:
1. Take 1/4 cup of rice and form into patties until all rice mixture is used up. Put aside.
2. Heat ghee or vegetable oil in a small saucepan until hot. Add patties, do not touch and let cook for one minute on medium high. Gently press down on each patty and cook for another two minutes. Flip, let cook for one minute. Gently press down on patty, cook for one more minute, and remove from pan and transfer to clean plate. Rice cakes should be slightly charred but not burnt.
3. Serve with sriracha, Japanese mayo, and roasted seaweed. Makes 8.


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