Spicy miso ramenMiso ramen. Not tonkotsu ramen. Not the one that takes hours and hours and hours in a day. Whatever, it’s still ramen and it was still purely AMAZEBALLS. And it only took like an hour. What now!

And the taste? You know the spicy miso ramen they have at Benkei? Yea, well it tasted like that…BUT BETTER. Thick, creamy and spicy. Yum. And now I will share my secret recipe with you for spicy miso ramen. You’re welcome in advanced.

Now, you see, I’ve been planning this very dish out for over a month now, almost two months actually but only up until recently it came to fruition. See, since moving into my boyfriend’s place, I hardly ever have people over anymore because people think it’s “so far” because I now live in Richmond. So I was super thrilled when my sister invited herself over scheduled a long-awaited photoshoot for my business, Dolce Delights, since it’s been overdue for a makeover for quite some time. Anywho, I was so excited. And I knew I had to go all out. Ramen it is.

Now, I was really tempted to make tonkotsu ramen but I’m still in the process of acquiring a couple more chicken bones (I already have my pork bones; chicken bones adds to the overall mouthfeel and flavour) so I settled for a miso ramen that was quick and far from lacking in the flavour department. And because I was going “all out”, I made my own homemade black garlic oil, ajitsuke tamago and pretty much the unauthentic works (corn, chopped choi sum, tofu puffs, nori, green onion, togarashi, grated garlic, spicy ground turkey).

And it was damn good.

Didn’t have the right noodles (stupid T&T label was very misleading!!!!! The noodle I used was probably more appropriate for a Taiwanese beef noodle soup instead) but it was still pretty much out of this world.

Key ingredients to a great miso ramen with full body? Tahini. Tahini is ground sesame paste. It adds to a thicker opposed to a more liquid-y ramen soup base and also adds creaminess to it as well. Good quality miso. I used shiro (white) miso paste that contained dashi in it and I think that really helped boost the flavour. You can also use aka (red) miso paste as well but I find it a tad bit too salty. Gochujang. Now, I didn’t have any tobanjang (hot chili bean paste) so I substituted with gochujang. Again, working wonders.

And just like my other recipes, get all your ingredients ready and good to go. In this case, it’s all about assembling. Cook your noodles, chop up whatever toppings you’d like to use, and have your broth simmering in the meantime.

Your stomach will thank me later.
Spicy miso ramen Spicy miso ramen Spicy miso ramen Spicy miso ramen Spicy miso ramen Spicy miso ramen Spicy miso ramenSpicy miso ramen

What you’ll need:
– 1/2 pkg (450g) fresh ramen noodles
– 8 cups homemade stock or chicken/vegetable broth
– 3 heaping tbsps shiro miso
– 4 heaping tbsps tahini
– 2 heaping tbsps gochujang
– 2 tsps sesame seeds
– Spicy ground turkey (1.5lbs ground turkey, 1 tbsp gochujang, 2 tsps soy sauce, 2 tsps togarashi)
– Corn kernels
Ajitsuke tamago
– Choi sum or spinach
– Tofu puffs
– Black garlic oil (1/4 cup sesame oil, 1/2 head grated garlic – blackened and blended in food processor)
– Togarashi
– Nori strips
– Sliced green onion
– Saffron threads
– Grated garlic

What you’ll need to do:
1. Cook your ramen noodles according to packaged instructions. Portion into 4 bowls. Set aside.
2. Make your broth. Heat your stock/broth over medium-high heat in a medium-sized pot. Meanwhile, mix the miso, tahini, gochujang and sesame seeds together. Slowly dribble in this mixture into the stock/broth and whisk until combined. Keep this mixture on a slow, rolling simmer (do not let it boil – miso loses its health benefits when it boils).
3. Assemble your toppings on the noodles. Ladle broth over noodles. Makes 4 servings.


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