The daddy of all comfort food.

Shepherd's pieMac ‘n cheese is probably my all-time favourite comfort food — I’d like to name it the mother of all comfort food. But coming in at a close second would probably be shepherd’s pie, the daddy of all comfort foods.

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Smoked salmon “sushi”!!!

Smoked salmon sushiSo this dish seemed to make people go batshit cray-cray on my Facebook and Instagram. Guys, it’s just smoked salmon with rice and goat’s cheese inside. Seriously. It’s so easy. And I only made it because by the time I got to the end of the whole smoked salmon I was slicing for my smoked salmon and pesto cream pasta dish, I actually got better and sliced a few decent pieces! SUCCESS! So what to do? I was out of tortilla wraps so rotollos were out of the question… What’s even better than that? Smoked salmon “sushi”!!!

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Chana masala.

Chana masalaOh, the glorious chick pea aka the garbanzo bean. How I love you so much. And now I have been fortunate enough to find you in the bulk aisle at Superstore. How I love you even more.

And since I’ve been craving chana masala, it was time to make it. For realz.

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A healthier take on cream pastas.

Smoked salmon and pesto cream pastaI love creamy, rich pasta dishes. Alfredo sauce? Yes, please. Risotto? Fuck yeah. Carbonara? Now you’re talkin’… But it’s not always the healthiest option. In fact, it’s far from healthy. A high amount of butter, cream, cheese… a matchmade in heaven (IMO) but also a heartstopper (literally). And since Easter is coming up this weekend, I made an effort to try my best to eat a bit better since I have two family dinners AND a buffet brunch that weekend. Yikes.

So the result? Smoked salmon and pesto “cream” pasta.

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Going back to my healthy roots.

Brown rice and beet saladAnd when I mention roots, I’m referring to beetroots. And also my favourite blog ever, My New Roots. When I saw Sarah B’s post last week on traveling light that featured a brown rice and beet salad, I just knew I had to make it. And I had to make it ASAP. So here is my take on her brown rice and beet salad.

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Mulligatawny soup
I’ve never been a fan of sitcoms. I don’t know – if you need a prompter to tell you when a scene is funny, it’s not really funny. Atleast to me. So, I’ve never heard of mulligatawny soup which was apparently popularized through the longstanding sitcom, Seinfeld…until I came across it in probably my favourite blog of all time, My New Roots.

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Je suis une pizza.

Stinging nettle pesto, kale, feta and free range egg pizza
Anyone remember that song from elementary school!? We used to sing that song in French class, alternating in both French and English back when I was a little kid. Oh, how that seems so long ago…

Well, the reason that song popped up in my head was because I was in the mood to make pizza today! And these pizzas were not only delicious but also very simple to make. I’ll teach you how to make¬†easy rustic pizzas¬†from scratch in a couple of flavours – stinging nettle pesto, kale, garlic, feta, and free range egg as well as tomato sauce, caramelized onion, goat’s cheese, and Italian flat leaf parsley. Fun little pizza pies to kick off spring with!

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