1-minute sorbet.

1 minute sorbetI have been waiting for a sunny, warm day to post this recipe and it’s finally here! With a multiple dinner and brunch-filled Easter weekend just passing us, I opted to make a healthy dessert that is both guilt-free and a super cinch to make. 1-minute kiwi banana sorbet. Not even exaggerating, guys.

3 ingredients. 1 minute.

This is by far the easiest recipe you’ll ever make. Scratch that. This is by far the easiest sorbet you’ll ever make. And the best thing about it? It’s vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free (technically there is sugar in the vanilla almond milk but that’s all I had on hand) AND good for you! Take that, storebought icecreams and sorbets.

And you know what takes the cake? The fact that you don’t need an expensive and borderline unnecessary ice cream maker to make this. One of my biggest pet peeves in cooking is buying equipment and instruments that cater to making one single food item. Ice cream makers. Pasta machines. Ravioli stamps. So annoying. I always try to find my way around things (also because I’m cheap — I secretly do want an ice cream machine).

But honestly, give this recipe a go! Feel free to change up the fruit, add some chocolate, change up the type of milk you use… and voila! Instant sorbet.
1-minute sorbet 1 minute sorbet 1 minute sorbet1-minute kiwi banana sorbet

What you’ll need:
– 10 overripe kiwis
– 1 overripe banana
– 1 cup vanilla almond milk

What you’ll need to do:
1. Peel and chop your kiwis and banana and place in a plastic bag. Freeze.
2. Once you’re ready to make your ice cream, take your fruits out of the freezer and chop into small chunks. Throw them in your food processor with 1 cup of vanilla almond milk and blend until everything runs smoothly and the texture is comparable to ice cream. Makes 8 generous servings.


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