Cold ramen?

Hiyashi chukaSo…I just realized that I leave for Korea in a mere 3 weeks time! Holy crap. No wonder shit’s been hitting the fan lately. I’ve been experiencing an influx of cupcake orders, sponsorship requests, working 6-day work weeks for the past three weeks — all while to try and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle in preparation for the Vancouver Sun Run. Which was today. Again, no training — just winged it. Now my muscles are all achy and sore, yay. BUT atleast I managed to beat my 2011 time and finished the race at 56:27! Hurrah!

Now, time for noodles, more specifically, hiyashi chuka.

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Let’s make a cake.

Banana nutella layer cakeBaking a cake can be super simple. It may seem intimidating at first but really, it’s just like a giant cupcake…with a layer of frosting in the middle and on the sides. It’s also one of those dishes that when you have the final product just standing in front of you, it is soooo rewarding.

I recently ran a contest last month for Dolce Delights in which participants create a flavour that they’d like to see on the new seasonal menu and in return, I would be bake them a 6″ layer cake…for free! This contest was aimed to create interaction on the DD social media platforms and also a chance for my employee to play around with cakes. Unfortunately (but fortunately), I had to make the cake as it was the contest winner’s wedding anniversary and I wanted to make it extra special. And also an extra 2″ larger. What was the end product? A banana nutella layer cake that I not-so-secretly wished were mine.

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Lazy cooking.

Kimchi tuna yakiudonI have been so energy-less in the past week and I really think it is due to my meat consumption. Seriously. I had a HUGE meat feast at the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Oru when I had their chef’s tasting menu last week PLUS I made ramen from scratch and had leftover cha shu for almost a whole week. Meat overload.

Ever since I’ve been tracking my diet, I’ve noticed that in weeks where I consume more meat products, the more tired I am, the more lazy I am, and fatter I feel. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE meat. In fact, I can’t live without it. But I don’t know what it is… It’s a mystery to me.

After I finished all those wonderful leftovers, I was able to cook something meat-free again. And since my kitchen is full of random leftover produce and ingredients, I wanted something quick, Asian, and filling. My favourite go to? Yakiudon. I was out of out of my usual ingredients so…a kimchi tuna yakiudon was born.

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Muffin time.

Spiced applesauce and oatmeal muffinsI’ve never really been a muffin person. But since I’ve been posting my healthy and good-for-you treats on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve been getting more and more requests to make them a part of my cupcake business, Dolce Delights.

Dolce Delights is currently collaborating with GoodLife Fitness in Burnaby with one of my old wrestling teammates, Deanna, who is fundraising for her Ride to Conquer Cancer. She’s selling off some healthy post-workout snacks at the gym. She loved my whole wheat banana bread (which sold out) and now she’s selling my spiced applesauce and oatmeal muffins. Yay!

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How to make tonkotsu ramen: Part 1.

Tonkotsu ramenSo I’ve finally accomplished something huge… I HAVE MADE TONKOTSU RAMEN FROM SCRATCH, BITCHES!!!!

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When fat is too fatty.

Cha shuDear pork belly. I love you, I really do but sometimes you are too fattening for even me.

…SAYS NO ONE EVER. But 2 lbs of braised pork belly or cha shu may be more than enough for just one person.


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Alcoholic nutella cookies.

Nutella and Bailey's no bake cookiesYes, please.

Bailey’s and nutella no-bake cookies. Need I say more?

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