My favourite summertime noodle.

Chilled spicy sesame noodlesIt’s been pretty hot in Vancouver lately and when it’s hot, I really don’t feel like eating anything that would warm me up even further. I couldn’t get noodles off my mind so I finally decided on a chilled noodle dish: chilled spicy sesame noodles.

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Move over, hummus.

Red kidney bean dipI love it when people are having parties or potlucks because it gives me a reason for me to use up all of my leftovers, yay! Secret revealed. It’s both a good and a bad thing because 1) I’m recycling all my leftovers but 2) I always end up making something amazing. And this time around was no exception. Forget hummus, I made the best damn bean dip ever — red kidney bean dip.

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And the last boring post…

Northern gai lan and chicken yakiudonOkay, this will be the last boring post that I forgot to write before my vacation. I seriously meant to write all these posts beforehand so I could post them throughout my 3.5 week vacation in Asia but just ran out of time and didn’t get around to doing it! I had the full intention of doing it (all my pictures were upoaded, yay!) but procrastination got to me (read: last minute packing) and, well, now we’re here. Apologies!!!

So today’s post is another one about using up leftovers (actually, this whole blog seems to have that theme…) and it turned out amazing as always: Northern gai lan and chicken yakiudon.

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Roasted rosemary garlic potatoesLooking for a quick side dish or carb but you only have 30 minutes? Look no further. Roasted rosemary garlic potatoes are here to save the day!

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Almond butter honey tartsI’M BACK FROM VACATION!!! And seriously so behind on my posts. Can’t wait to gush all about my vacation in Korea and the Philippines. Let me just say that I am so inspired to make my own versions of my favourite dishes in each country. I most certainly ate very well when I was there (5lbs heavier now…some people suggest that I have eaten both South Korea and the Philippines whole!) and I cannot WAIT to cook some dishes from my own heritage and my favourite spicy country. Stoked!

In the meantime, the next few days will be some older posts that I didn’t get a chance to finish while I was away. First up? Almond butter honey tarts.

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