An unlikely combination.

Green pea, sunflower seed and miso pasteAs much as I absolutely love cooking, there are days where I just want something made for me. Sadly, I live by myself (well, with a roommate but that doesn’t count) so I’m responsible for all of the cooking. This is where frozen food and instant noodles come in. I usually always have some food frozen in my freezer. And no, not just food that I’ve made. I’m talking about store bought tortellini, soups, shrimp  — you name it. I’m totally guilty!!! And not ashamed. A girl’s gotta eat, y’know!

But sometimes there are just those random ingredients that just sit there FOREVER and in my freezer, it’s those sad mixed vegetable medleys. That, or peas. Sick of seeing the same frozen organic green peas over and over again, I was inspired to make a green pea, sunflower seed and miso pesto.

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Does vegan cheese measure up?

Kale and pumpkin pepperjack mac 'n cheeseThat is the question.

Surprisingly, I made a delicious kale and pumpkin pepperjack mac ‘n cheese for dinner the other night and you wouldn’t believe how good the results were. Allow me to explain.

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Pop the champagne!

Italian sausages and peppersI’ve never really been a fan of bubbly. Yes, that might sound weird but I haven’t ever been a fan of many carbonated drinks. So when I received a small bottle of sparkling wine for Christmas, it just ended up sitting in my fridge in the back corner. Since the flavour is somewhat similar to white wine, I thought that it just might work the same way when utilising white wine in cooking.

So I set out to try it in a newfound favourite dish of mine: Italian sausage and peppers.

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A little taste of Deutschland.

Braised red cabbageI love German food. Juicy bratwursts, rouladen, spaetzle, sauerkraut… Ugh, can you say heaven?! Besides all the big names in German food, there is one side dish that has totally stolen my heart and is completely simple and just seems to go with EVERYTHING. I’m talking about braised red cabbage.

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Baby cakes.

Acorn squash cakesAn ingredient that you might always find on my counter at home would be squash. I absolutely adore squash, more for its longevity in terms of staying fresh (they can just sit for 3 months if stored in a cool, dry place!!!) but also because they are delicious and so good for you! And when I saw My New Roots’ post on squash cakes, I knew I had to make that a priority on my “to cook list”. And here it is!

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…and I’m back!

Butternut squash soupIt’s been a while, maybe about five months since my last post. A lot has happened – got a new job, moved out, traveled around the USA for a bit, vacation…and now I am finally super settled and ready to write and share recipes again!

I have a little bit of a backlog of recipes so I’ll try to get through as many as I can. I think we’ll start new a simple butternut squash soup.

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