…and I’m back!

Butternut squash soupIt’s been a while, maybe about five months since my last post. A lot has happened – got a new job, moved out, traveled around the USA for a bit, vacation…and now I am finally super settled and ready to write and share recipes again!

I have a little bit of a backlog of recipes so I’ll try to get through as many as I can. I think we’ll start new a simple butternut squash soup.

I’ve basically gone through a lot of changes as of late and since moving out and breaking up with my boyfriend, my diet has pretty much shifted. I would say that I practice more of a vegan, vegetarian diet for the majority of the week and I reserve the weekends for meat (if I eat out). I’ve been moving towards this shift for the past year or so but I have strongly adopted starting November when I moved out. I believe that plant-based diets are the best for you, inside and out, and I think it is my responsibility to put good things in my body. So most of the recipes I’ll be posting will be vegan or vegetarian-based but I guarantee some meat ones will definitely still be making an appearance!

Anyways, it’s been bitterly cold in Vancouver and the only food I’ve been craving has been soup. Not only are soups incredibly simple and quick to make, they can also be very healthy too! For example, my butternut squash soup is vegan, gluten-free and basically fat-free as well. It is a velvety and creamy soup without the addition of any cream or dairy products and can be a quick appetizer or entree during the week, which can be whipped up in 30min but it’s best that you simmer this soup for a longer period of time. If you must, you can roast the butternut squash ahead of time and just saute the onions and celery, heat up the stock with the spices and puree away.

I highly recommend using homemade vegetable stock but of course, store bought is fine. Just be sure to use fresh ingredients and puree until smooth!

So very excited to start recipe-sharing with y’all again!
Butternut squash soup Butternut squash soup Butternut squash soup Butternut squash soup
Butternut squash soup
– 1 tbsp ghee
– 3 small onions, sliced thinly
– 3 stalks celery, washed and sliced
– 1 2lb butternut squash, peeled and cut into 1″ cubes
– 6 cups homemade stock
– 1 bay leaf
– 3 tsps thyme
– 2 tsps dried sage
– Salt and pepper, to taste

What you’ll need to do:
1. In a medium-sized pot over medium-high heat, melt the ghee and add the onions and celery. Cook until softened, about 3 minutes.
2. Add the cubes of butternut squash to the pot and saute for 1 minute.
3. Add the stock to the pot. It should be enough liquid to cover all of the vegetables. If your squash was bigger, and there are still vegetables poking out of the liquid, add more stock or water. Please note that the more water/stock you add, the more liquid-y your soup will be. I prefer mine to be thick and hearty.
4. Bring everything to a boil then bring the heat down to low so it can simmer. Add the rest of the spices. Simmer for atleast 30 minutes, the longer the better. Remove the bay leaf once you are finished cooking. Let cool and puree in a food processor or blender until smooth. Serve with crispy fried sage and chick peas and you’re good to go.

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