Pancakes for dinner.

Cilantro and pork floss pancake rollBreakfast for dinner? Well, yes and no. I don’t really consider pancakes strictly a breakfast food. I mean, it went from being a sweet breakfast food a savoury breakfast food (thanks Red Wagon for your delicious pulled pork pancakes) and now, I would say it can safely move into the dinner category. No guiltiness or shame required.

And then again, I am talking about Asian-style pancakes. First of all, I have never ever considered them a breakfast food, more like a snack to go with bubble tea or something. And second, they are all savoury! Yum.

With rotting cilantro in my fridge, I decided to create a cilantro and pork floss pancake roll for dinner.

Again, I magically found myself with an ingredient that was going bad in my fridge. Now, this wasn’t intentional — I just completely forgot about it. I had forgotten about a bunch of cilantro that was hanging out in my crisper. You see, my roommate and I share our fridge. I’m on the top shelf and she’s on the bottom. The crispers are on the bottom and are divided in two but I hardly put anything in there (or maybe I hardly have vegetables in my house, ha!) and so naturally, I had forgotten about them. I’m sorry, cilantro.

With nothing to eat for dinner, I decided to whip up an Asian pancake. I haven’t made these in a while and I believe it was a good time to revisit them. Turns out I really needed to update the recipe! My recipes are not perfect and I am so glad that I decided to turn to the Internet to archive them (and to share them with you all as well). It definitely needed a revision.

Anyways, this recipe is wonderfully savoury, cilantro-y and garlicky. I absolutely enjoy this very much especially with a touch of Japanese mayo and sriracha. I hope you will like it as much as I do!
Cilantro and pork floss pancake roll Cilantro and pork floss pancake roll Cilantro and pork floss pancake roll Cilantro and pork floss pancake roll Cilantro and pork floss pancake roll Cilantro and pork floss pancake roll Cilantro and pork floss pancake rollCilantro and pork floss pancake roll

What you’ll need:
– 2 eggs, beaten
– 2 tsps mirin
– 2 tbsp soy sauce
– 1/4 cup water
– 1/2 cup all purpose flour
– 1 tbsp Korean red pepper flakes
– 1 tbsp ghee or vegetable oil
– 3 cloves garlic, minced
– 1 cup cilantro, leaves and stems, chopped and loosely packed
– 1 cup pork floss, loosely packed (less is fine)
– Japanese mayo and sriracha, for garnish (optional)

What you’ll need to do:
1. In a small bowl, combine the eggs, mirin, soy sauce, water, flour, and pepper flakes until no clumps are visible. Gently fold in the cilantro. Set aside.
2. Meanwhile, in a large flat saucepan, heat the ghee until hot and add the garlic. Saute over medium-high heat until the garlic gains some colour, about 45 seconds.
3. Pour in the batter into the pan, swirl around until the whole pan is covered and spread evenly with a spatula.
4. Cook for 5 minutes on each side. Unless you have an extremely large flipper, I would recommend sliding the pancake on a plate and flipping it into the pan and back onto the hot stovetop. Be careful and be sure to wear oven mitts because the pan will be super hot!
5. Once it is ready, slide onto a chopping board and pile the pork floss onto one end of pancake. Roll it tight like a burrito and slice into 8 pieces. Serve immediately and top with Japanese mayo and sriracha. Makes 1 pancake.


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