Ketchup spaghetti!!!

Japanese ketchup spaghettiMan, it feels like I haven’t cooked a lot of Japanese-inspired recipes. Japanese cuisine is my absolute favourite — I could eat Japanese food every single day — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and not ever get tired of it. True story.

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Soba salad + keeping yourself within budget.

Spicy shimeji and enoki mushroom soba noodle saladOkay, I remember complaining last week that it didn’t feel like spring, but now I think it totally does! The sun peeks out a bit every here and there and oh, RAIN. Yes, I’m talking about a Vancouver spring. Seems like it’s been such a drab week – grey skies and rainfall. But honestly speaking, we have been getting some great sunny days randomly — not complaining one bit. Atleast the temperatures have been increasing and we’re (almost) consistently in double digit weather, hurrah!

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The BEST Vietnamese salad roll, ever.

Raw enoki mushroom and avocado salad rollsI absolutely LOVE Vietnamese salad rolls. Whether it is the traditional one with shrimp, minced pork, Vietnamese ham, or whatever, they are one of my favourite ways to eat a salad because who has the time to sit down and eat nowadays?! They are great for an on-the-go lunch or snack and are even more delicious with a few dabs of Sriracha and hoisin sauce. Mm….

Lately I have been finding myself skipping the rice noodles traditionally found encased inside the roll as a lighter and healthier way to eat my rolls. I usually throw more lettuce or greens in there but sometimes, I do miss those carb-y noodles. I hadn’t ever found a suitable substitute those noodles…UNTIL NOW.

Introducing to you, my raw enoki mushroom and avocado salad rolls.
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Cheese in…Asian cuisine?

Spicy miso cheese udonI’m all about weird, unsuspecting food pairings. The more bizarre the combination, the better. In this case, it would be a spicy miso cheese udon.
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Forever a noodle queen.

YakisobaIf there is one thing I can eat every single day, it would be noodles — specifically, Asian noodles. Whether it is pho, ramen, udon, jap chae, bibimguksu, soba, mee goreng, pad thai, or even instant noodles, it really doesn’t matter to me. I love it all. I seriously think I can live off it forever, not even kidding.

Something that I haven’t had in ages would be yakisoba. And since I had a bunch of leftover frozen vegetables and noodles, this was the perfect option for a quick, weeknight dinner.

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Vegan zhajiangmian.

ZhajiangmianI frequent a lot of Shanghainese restaurants in the city and usually order the old staples: XLB, beef pancake roll, and pan-fried noodles. But there’s this dish that I usually see on the other peoples’ tables and for the longest time I never knew what it was. It looked like a bowl of chewy, wheat noodles, topped with a minced meat sauce of sorts topped with julienned cucumber and carrots. I later found out that was zhajiangmian.

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Japanese-inspired spaghetti.

Miso spaghetti with Swiss chard and tofuIt was just a few months ago that I visited Spaghetei on Robson. Spaghetei is a Japanese spaghetti bar specializing in none other than Japanese spaghetti. I had walked right passed it with my boyfriend as we were planning to go to Motomachi Shokudo for some ramen but double-backed when I noticed it was their grand opening. They were offering 30% off and we decided to give it a go.

I had their Meat Miso & Salad and my boyfriend had the Neopolitan and let’s just say that mine was 10x better. And it was so good! The miso lent a definite umami kick to the meaty sauce and the cool cucumber and tomato gave it a nice touch. The sauce was killer and the idea of a miso sauce lingered in the back of my mind…and I decided to give it a go today!

I made a miso spaghetti with Swiss chard and tofu.

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Trying vegan chorizo for the first time.

Chorizo and red pepper rotiniIf you know me, I absolutely despise vegan meat. Fake sausage, fake deli meat, fake ground meat… It’s fucking disgusting. Whoever said that those products actually tasted somewhat similar to meat must be delirious cus it’s not even close. Yuck.

But if it’s in pasta, then it might be okay…right? I present you with chorizo and red pepper rotini.

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A Thai take on pistou.

Cilantro and scallion pistouAs you may know, I am a huge fan of pistou. Again, if you aren’t familiar with what a pistou is, it is basically a blended sauce comprised of various herbs, garlic and oil. I’ve made so many different pistous but my favourite would have to be of the cilantro variety.

Today I mixed it up a bit and made a cilantro and scallion pistou.

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2 days off in a row = NEW POST!!!

Zucchini, eggplant and spinach lasagnaThings have gotten crazy as in, shit-has-hit-the-fan crazy. Yeah, cray cray. Ever since July hit, I’ve just been on the go-go-go! The past two weeks have kind of been insane. Actually, scratch that. The past MONTH since I’ve gotten back has been nuts. Goodbye relaxing, no responsibility days of my vacation — hello workaholic Stephanie!

Anyways, I’ve hardly had any time to cook. Well, wrong. I have been cooking but it’s stuff that you’ve already seen. Yes, I repeat dishes. Hey, a girl can’t be creative everyday! But no need to worry about that — I’m back with some awesome new material that will blow your mind.

Today? Zucchini, eggplant and spinach lasagna.

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