It’s been a while.

Umami & MeHi friends. It’s been a while.

You can tell when I haven’t been cooking when my blog is barren. I haven’t written a post in almost 3 weeks!!! Way too long and I’m so sorry! I was away in San Francisco for a weekend and the rest of the time I haven’t cooked. I hadn’t grocery shopped, my fridge and cupboards are barren… WHO AM I!??

Well, the wait is over and I’m back! Up on the menu today? Moroccan vegetable stew.
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Cheese in…Asian cuisine?

Spicy miso cheese udonI’m all about weird, unsuspecting food pairings. The more bizarre the combination, the better. In this case, it would be a spicy miso cheese udon.
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Another jjigae!?

Doenjang jjigaeJust when you thought I couldn’t make anymore jjigae, or Korean stews — well, you thought wrong!

Since fall has officially declared that he is here to stay, all I’ve been craving is warm, spicy stews especially since my house is basically freezing. Korean stews are the the perfect cure for all of this cold, rainy weather (except for today when it was actually warm and sunny, weird).

I tried out a new recipe today, doenjang jjigae, and although it is not completely authentic, it sure hit the spot.

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Army stew.

Budae jjigaeDuring back to my trip to Korea last month, I tried a dish that changed my world forever. It was budae jjigae.

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The best damn chili you’ll ever make.

Slow cooked hickory smoked chili
Hands down. Not lying.

Slow cooked, meaty, beany, smoky, spicy… It’s dreamy, it really is. My slow-cooked hickory smoked chili does not need anymore words. So. Damn. Good.

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Karahi chicken masala.

Karahi chicken masalaPart of my goals this year was to really give my boyfriend’s place a makeover. And the first place I started was (obviously) the kitchen. I first tackled the fridge, then the freezer, the table, the sink, countertops, and finally, the cupboards. Oh dear lord. This was really something else. Invading a man’s cupboards (even the fridge) was really…interesting. Let’s take the fridge, for example. Condiments galore, mysterious sauces, 4 containers (or was it 5?) of raspberry jam, miscellaneous medicine, nacho cheese… Oh, and everything was expired. Yup.

The cupboards were much the same. Pickled…everything, random unheard of grains, instant noodles, other instant food… And the spices? It was like a bomb went off in there. Spices EVERYWHERE.

Let’s just say I tossed alot of things out. Hey, atleast I’m getting a head start on spring cleaning! And although I threw a number of questionable ingredients out, I did keep a few things, like a spice mix for karahi chicken masala. And since the weather has been thrown to shit, this week would be perfect for a comforting curry.

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Jjigae, revisited.

Chamchi kimchi udon jjigaeWhen I posted the recipe for kimchi jjigae for my very first post on this blog, I was thrilled to find out that there was also a chamchi, or tuna, version of the hearty stew as well. And boy, I could not wait to test it out.

And since I’ve been sick ever since I arrived back in Vancouver, there was only one thing that I needed to cure my cold: noodle soup of the Asian kind. Yup. I decided to take that recipe to a whole new level: udon noodle chamchi kimchi jjigae with baby bok choy

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Adding more spice to life.

Let’s face it: I really missed blogging. I hardly blog on a regular basis anymore because let’s be honest here, I don’t have anything interesting to say anymore. But I still missed blogging, particularly sharing part of my life with others. I tend to blog a lot when I’m emotional and I am happy to say that I am finally content with the majority of my life. What better way to celebrate than to share something much more near and dear to my heart: my recipes!
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