Forever a noodle queen.

YakisobaIf there is one thing I can eat every single day, it would be noodles — specifically, Asian noodles. Whether it is pho, ramen, udon, jap chae, bibimguksu, soba, mee goreng, pad thai, or even instant noodles, it really doesn’t matter to me. I love it all. I seriously think I can live off it forever, not even kidding.

Something that I haven’t had in ages would be yakisoba. And since I had a bunch of leftover frozen vegetables and noodles, this was the perfect option for a quick, weeknight dinner.

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Move over, Cactus Club.

Cactus Club's teriyaki rice bowlIf you know me, you would know that I hate chain restauurants with a passion. Places like Cactus Club, Earls, Joey’s, Browns Social House, etc. Just very unimaginative food. Consistent, yes, but the food has never been outstanding (atleast since my highschool days). Cactus Club is probably the best out of the bunch, in my opinion, and yes, I do get trapped into going there sometimes out of convenience, friends’ choice, and its senstivity-free menu.

Now, if there is one dish that I have to choose out of the entire menu at Cactus that is the bomb dot com, it would be their teriyaki rice bowl. The good news is that I never have to go to a Cactus Club ever again because I just made that shit right in the comfort of my own home.

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Back to basics.

Spicy garlic green beansSorry for the lack of entries lately. You can blame mountains of cake orders, being understaffed at my full-time job and my recent discovery of Breaking Bad. Yeah, it’s really more of the latter since I’m pretty damn obsessed right now (I’m already finished Season 3 and it’s only been a week) and trying to catch up before the series ends. That said, I haven’t been cooking too much. I’ve also been sick and going out to eat a lot since all I crave nowadays are noodle soup basically everyday.

But I’m finally back in the kitchen and ready to share more recipes with you!

First up? Spicy garlic green beans.

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A Thai take on pistou.

Cilantro and scallion pistouAs you may know, I am a huge fan of pistou. Again, if you aren’t familiar with what a pistou is, it is basically a blended sauce comprised of various herbs, garlic and oil. I’ve made so many different pistous but my favourite would have to be of the cilantro variety.

Today I mixed it up a bit and made a cilantro and scallion pistou.

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Introducing sea asparagus.

Sea asparagus stir fryI finally got the chance to check out the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market last weekend. It was probably one of the best markets in terms of location, market vendors, and food. I picked up some delicious nut pate, bratwurst, cherry tomato plants and bags full of local beets. I also picked up some sea asparagus from one of my favourite farmers whom I cannot remember the name of but he always has the best, most unique produce ever (he’s the big hippy guy with long reddish-brownish hair if that helps!?). He was the guy I bought the stinging nettles from this past spring for my stinging nettle pesto. This time around he had sea asparagus, dandelion greens, and a number of interesting greens and weeds.

Today, I made a sea asparagus stir fry.

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And the last boring post…

Northern gai lan and chicken yakiudonOkay, this will be the last boring post that I forgot to write before my vacation. I seriously meant to write all these posts beforehand so I could post them throughout my 3.5 week vacation in Asia but just ran out of time and didn’t get around to doing it! I had the full intention of doing it (all my pictures were upoaded, yay!) but procrastination got to me (read: last minute packing) and, well, now we’re here. Apologies!!!

So today’s post is another one about using up leftovers (actually, this whole blog seems to have that theme…) and it turned out amazing as always: Northern gai lan and chicken yakiudon.

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New ingredients in the kitchen + Whole Foods warehouse!

Sweet chili chicken and broccoli stir fryI know some of you have been waiting for this post for a very long time because of my discovery of the Whole Foods market. But more on that later after the jump. First, sweet chili chicken and broccoli stir fry.

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Uninspired cooking.

Spicy tofu and broccoli stir fryI’ll be honest with you — I haven’t been cooking any amazing dishes as of late. This week has been just chaotic. I’ve been seriously counting down the days to my vacation. I think I really need it.

So, I apologize for the next couple posts. In my opinion, they are rather boring and basic. I guess you could say that I’m kind of falling into a little slump. I’m feeling rather uninspired and just wanting to get the hell out of Vancouver. Weather has been so great lately and I hardly feel like eating! So again, sorry.

Today’s dish? Spicy tofu and broccoli stir fry.

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Lazy cooking.

Kimchi tuna yakiudonI have been so energy-less in the past week and I really think it is due to my meat consumption. Seriously. I had a HUGE meat feast at the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Oru when I had their chef’s tasting menu last week PLUS I made ramen from scratch and had leftover cha shu for almost a whole week. Meat overload.

Ever since I’ve been tracking my diet, I’ve noticed that in weeks where I consume more meat products, the more tired I am, the more lazy I am, and fatter I feel. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE meat. In fact, I can’t live without it. But I don’t know what it is… It’s a mystery to me.

After I finished all those wonderful leftovers, I was able to cook something meat-free again. And since my kitchen is full of random leftover produce and ingredients, I wanted something quick, Asian, and filling. My favourite go to? Yakiudon. I was out of out of my usual ingredients so…a kimchi tuna yakiudon was born.

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Mo WHAT?!?

Stir fried glass noodlesMo gua, otherwise, known as the hairy gourd in English, is a Chinese vegetable that I have never encountered before. I’ve never consumed it, never purchased it, and have never attempted to cook it. Until now.

My boyfriend’s aunt gifted him with 3/4 of this huge melon which was then gifted to me (thanks babe). Upon receiving it, I had no idea what the hell it was. Luckily, he still remembered what it was called in Cantonese. Still, I was SOL. Because I have had no experience in cooking it whatsoever and Google wasn’t exactly helping me too much, I turned to Twitter for help. Mijune from Follow Me Foodie suggested that I cook it with mung bean noodles, shiitake mushrooms, and ground pork. But of course, I had to have it my way. I present you with stir fried glass noodles with mo gua, shiitake mushrooms, and dried shrimp.

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