Tofu “cheese”cake?

Banana coconut tofu cheesecakeA long time ago, I made a delicious tofu “cheese”cake that was “almost vegan”. I hated explaining that it was “almost vegan” because it had contained chocolate. I think that recipe isn’t even posted on here at all — it was way before Umami & Me’s time! But ever since then, I have been on a mission to make a completely vegan tofu cheesecake and I think I have finally created it. And not to mention this one is not only vegan, but it is also gluten-free AND (for the most part) sugar-free as well! Oh. My. God.

I would like to introduce to you my banana coconut tofu “cheese”cake.
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Quiche is not just for breakfast.

Corn, bacon and onion quicheAHHH. I’M FINALLY CAUGHT UP IN BREAKING BAD. And Flickr stopped being annoying! What does that mean for you? That means new blog posts, yay!

And since I recently made a post on frittatas, I thought it would only be fair if I made an entry on quiche as well…a corn, bacon and onion quiche. Oh baby.

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Almond butter honey tartsI’M BACK FROM VACATION!!! And seriously so behind on my posts. Can’t wait to gush all about my vacation in Korea and the Philippines. Let me just say that I am so inspired to make my own versions of my favourite dishes in each country. I most certainly ate very well when I was there (5lbs heavier now…some people suggest that I have eaten both South Korea and the Philippines whole!) and I cannot WAIT to cook some dishes from my own heritage and my favourite spicy country. Stoked!

In the meantime, the next few days will be some older posts that I didn’t get a chance to finish while I was away. First up? Almond butter honey tarts.

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Baking for large functions.

Mini quicheBeing the owner of my own cupcake dessert company, I do get quite a few large orders per year. I have done a number of weddings, customer appreciation days, networking events, launch parties, and Christmas parties that require a lot more work than just the standard 2 dozen order. I often get asked, “How do you do it!?!”. And although I now have my own employee, I didn’t have one before October of last year and had to do everything by myself. I did have help on one occasion but besides that, it was all me.

Planning. Calculating. Anticipating.

It’s hard work but it pays off. It sometimes leaves you with a ton of leftover ingredients, like tart shells for example. Thanks to a 1000 cupcake and pie order last month, I am now stuck with a large box of tart shells containing 200 pre-made pie shells.

What to do with them? Mini ham, caramelized onion and scallion quiche.

Luckily, my boyfriend’s friend’s 40th birthday was coming up. Perfect opportunity use up a fraction of these shells.

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Cooking/baking fears: pie crust.

Chicken pot pieIf there’s one thing that I’ve been intimated to make, it would be homemade pie crust. I’ve tried it once before, food processor and all, and it was tough. It was nothing like the flaky, buttery crusts I’ve had before. It was gross. It was an overall failure. I can’t remember exactly when that happened, but it had scarred me for life.

Until now.

With a hearty chicken and ham pot pie on the menu, I was determined to make the perfect pie crust.

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Avocado…in dessert?

Avocado pieI really don’t know why avocados are so commonly seen as more of a savoury type of ingredient. It is very neutral in flavour and so rich in nutrients, Vitamin E, and high in fatty acids yet, it is always associated with salty food. You can thank guacamole for that.

I grew up with avocados. As a child, the only way I would eat them was the way my mom taught me – roughly cut up with a spoon with milk and brown sugar – kind of like oatmeal or a really chunky avocado soup or something. It was so good. But I outgrew the texture of the “soup-like” concoction and started blending them into smoothies and into my favourite pie — avocado pie.

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