Mountain Bread pizza.

Mountain Bread pizzaHave you heard of Mountain Bread? I’ve never seen or heard of the brand before but when I spotted it at the Saturday market, I was curious so picked up a package. It looked just like a wrap of some sort and I usually like to keep burrito wrappers or tortillas in my freezer just in case. After further research and a cool recipe on the back of their packaging, it looked like pizzas could be made with these wraps. I was intrigued so I tried it.

The result? Mountain Bread pesto pizzas.
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Finding a new use for old ingredients.

Couscous cakesThe title of this entry is obviously a favourite of mine. There is just something so thrilling about having the ability of taking something old dish and making it into something even more amazing than the last. Case in point: leftover couscous from my asparagus and double couscous salad. Having not made a ton of couscous in my life, little did I know that a little goes a long way. Since I didn’t want my salad to be overly carby, I decided to save half of the couscous for a later use. Days go by and it’s still sitting there. What do I do with that? I pull a Giada de Laurentiis and make her recipe for couscous cakes.
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Pancakes for dinner.

Cilantro and pork floss pancake rollBreakfast for dinner? Well, yes and no. I don’t really consider pancakes strictly a breakfast food. I mean, it went from being a sweet breakfast food a savoury breakfast food (thanks Red Wagon for your delicious pulled pork pancakes) and now, I would say it can safely move into the dinner category. No guiltiness or shame required.

And then again, I am talking about Asian-style pancakes. First of all, I have never ever considered them a breakfast food, more like a snack to go with bubble tea or something. And second, they are all savoury! Yum.

With rotting cilantro in my fridge, I decided to create a cilantro and pork floss pancake roll for dinner.

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Forever a noodle queen.

YakisobaIf there is one thing I can eat every single day, it would be noodles — specifically, Asian noodles. Whether it is pho, ramen, udon, jap chae, bibimguksu, soba, mee goreng, pad thai, or even instant noodles, it really doesn’t matter to me. I love it all. I seriously think I can live off it forever, not even kidding.

Something that I haven’t had in ages would be yakisoba. And since I had a bunch of leftover frozen vegetables and noodles, this was the perfect option for a quick, weeknight dinner.

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Pop the champagne!

Italian sausages and peppersI’ve never really been a fan of bubbly. Yes, that might sound weird but I haven’t ever been a fan of many carbonated drinks. So when I received a small bottle of sparkling wine for Christmas, it just ended up sitting in my fridge in the back corner. Since the flavour is somewhat similar to white wine, I thought that it just might work the same way when utilising white wine in cooking.

So I set out to try it in a newfound favourite dish of mine: Italian sausage and peppers.

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Baby cakes.

Acorn squash cakesAn ingredient that you might always find on my counter at home would be squash. I absolutely adore squash, more for its longevity in terms of staying fresh (they can just sit for 3 months if stored in a cool, dry place!!!) but also because they are delicious and so good for you! And when I saw My New Roots’ post on squash cakes, I knew I had to make that a priority on my “to cook list”. And here it is!

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Vegan zhajiangmian.

ZhajiangmianI frequent a lot of Shanghainese restaurants in the city and usually order the old staples: XLB, beef pancake roll, and pan-fried noodles. But there’s this dish that I usually see on the other peoples’ tables and for the longest time I never knew what it was. It looked like a bowl of chewy, wheat noodles, topped with a minced meat sauce of sorts topped with julienned cucumber and carrots. I later found out that was zhajiangmian.

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