Killer lettuce wraps.

Avocado, shrimp and egg lettuce wrapsLooking for an innovative and refreshing way to eat your food? Skip the tortilla wraps and use some leafy greens instead! I present to you my avocado, shrimp and egg lettuce wraps.
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Pasta salad once again.

Tuna and pesto pasta saladPasta salads are one of the best things to bring to potlucks and social gatherings. Why? Because they’re a cinch to make and who doesn’t love pasta!? Hello carbz! So when my cousin and his girlfriend finally invited the family over for their first official housewarming party, I was asked to bring pasta so pasta it was! I made a tuna and pesto pasta salad.

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The whitest sushi ever.

California rollI’m talking about the infamous California roll.

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Maki sushiSushi. I love me some sushi. Little morsels of perfectly seasoned short-grain rice wrapped in a seaweed wrapper encasing an endless combination of fillings. Yum. Definitely one of my favourite go-to’s when I’m on the go.

Today I’ll be teaching you how to make a basic maki sushi roll.

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Smoked salmon “sushi”!!!

Smoked salmon sushiSo this dish seemed to make people go batshit cray-cray on my Facebook and Instagram. Guys, it’s just smoked salmon with rice and goat’s cheese inside. Seriously. It’s so easy. And I only made it because by the time I got to the end of the whole smoked salmon I was slicing for my smoked salmon and pesto cream pasta dish, I actually got better and sliced a few decent pieces! SUCCESS! So what to do? I was out of tortilla wraps so rotollos were out of the question… What’s even better than that? Smoked salmon “sushi”!!!

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A healthier take on cream pastas.

Smoked salmon and pesto cream pastaI love creamy, rich pasta dishes. Alfredo sauce? Yes, please. Risotto? Fuck yeah. Carbonara? Now you’re talkin’… But it’s not always the healthiest option. In fact, it’s far from healthy. A high amount of butter, cream, cheese… a matchmade in heaven (IMO) but also a heartstopper (literally). And since Easter is coming up this weekend, I made an effort to try my best to eat a bit better since I have two family dinners AND a buffet brunch that weekend. Yikes.

So the result? Smoked salmon and pesto “cream” pasta.

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Back to the Korean roots.

Kimchi tuna guksuRemember when this blog started in late December of last year with a Korean dish that I truly, truly love? Well, it’s time for this blog to revist some Korean food. And since my fridge is newly restocked with a giant tub of kimchi, I had to make something that included it: kimchi tuna guksu.

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(Not instant) Mee goreng!

Mee gorengA few years ago when I was still cheerleading, I headed over to my friend Steph’s, who’s of Indonesian descent. Obviously, after cheer practice, we would be starving. Luckily, her mom came home recently and stocked her kitchen up with these Indonesian instant noodles: mi goreng. Hoe. Lee. Shit. This was one of those life-changing moments. I became extremely hooked. Dry instant noodles, sweet, thickened soy sauce, a spicy red sauce packet, and onion powder. Mind blowing instant noodles. And to my surprise, I was happy to find that I wasn’t the only one with this addiction. But I had to try the real thing.

For my birthday last year, I went to Penang Delight as it was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I had to order it — and it was very different then what I was expecting. It was a seriously dressed up plate of noodles. Thin, round egg noodles, bean sprouts, chicken, shrimp, tomato, lettuce — so different than the plain, MSG-laden packet of noodles of mi goreng. Still good though. I had to make this on my own one day.

And today was the day. Today I made mee goreng from scratch!

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The best mac ‘n cheese.

Gochujang tuna mac n cheeseSeriously. This is the best mac ‘n cheese I’ve ever made. This was a skip-the-gym-I’m-eating-all-of-this mac ‘n cheese. Never going back again. I present you with gochujang and tuna mac ‘n cheese.

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Cooking the impossible.

Baked lemon caper salmonWhat I mean when I say “cooking the impossible” is cooking things that I can’t eat or try. I’m allergic to a ton of things. When I was little, I was allergic to nuts of any kind, all seafood, and deli meats, or anything that contained MSG. Luckily, some of my allergies have alleviated themselves. I can now eat hazelnuts, almonds, tuna, black cod, shrimp, scallops, oysters, clams, cashews. However, some allergies remain — one of them being salmon.

There were two whole salmons in my freezer and I wasn’t going to eat them. Luckily, my boyfriend is not allergic to salmon, or to anything for that matter (lucky bastard). And since I was going out of town for the weekend, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to cook this lemon, caper and white wine salmon dish.

But would it be successful? That was the question.

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