Cheese in…Asian cuisine?

Spicy miso cheese udonI’m all about weird, unsuspecting food pairings. The more bizarre the combination, the better. In this case, it would be a spicy miso cheese udon.
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Another jjigae!?

Doenjang jjigaeJust when you thought I couldn’t make anymore jjigae, or Korean stews — well, you thought wrong!

Since fall has officially declared that he is here to stay, all I’ve been craving is warm, spicy stews especially since my house is basically freezing. Korean stews are the the perfect cure for all of this cold, rainy weather (except for today when it was actually warm and sunny, weird).

I tried out a new recipe today, doenjang jjigae, and although it is not completely authentic, it sure hit the spot.

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Bringing a little Southern charm to the table.

Cornbread chili casseroleThe weather has definitely taken a turn as of late and it seems that summer has officially left the building. Gone are the days of cold noodle salads, raw everything, and drinks on the patio. The time has come to switch that up for soups, stews, and casseroles. Let’s welcome fall with a spicy cornbread chili casserole.

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Sweet and spicy.

Corn and chipotle chiliI made a new corn and chipotle chili which is sweet and spicy — just like me.

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Army stew.

Budae jjigaeDuring back to my trip to Korea last month, I tried a dish that changed my world forever. It was budae jjigae.

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How to make tonkotsu ramen: Part 1.

Tonkotsu ramenSo I’ve finally accomplished something huge… I HAVE MADE TONKOTSU RAMEN FROM SCRATCH, BITCHES!!!!

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Mulligatawny soup
I’ve never been a fan of sitcoms. I don’t know – if you need a prompter to tell you when a scene is funny, it’s not really funny. Atleast to me. So, I’ve never heard of mulligatawny soup which was apparently popularized through the longstanding sitcom, Seinfeld…until I came across it in probably my favourite blog of all time, My New Roots.

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