Vacation: Part 2.


So now I’m in the Philippines eating away (or am I eating the Philippines?). Much more relaxed itinerary here and a completely different trip and feel than Korea. It’s good and bad. Just one week left til I’m back home + new posts!

Definitely have a ton of new Korean dishes and possibly Filipino dishes I want to replicate when I get back – especially since I’m hearing of the rainy Vancouver weather. But until then, I’ll be enjoying my 33C weather.

7 days left in the Philippines. Any recommendations or foods I must try?!

I’m in Korea!!!!!

Apologies for my absenteeism, but I’m away in vacation in Seoul, Korea right now and having the time of my life! Seoul is a very beautiful city and the food here is simply amazing. I’m already so inspired to make a few dishes that I’ve tried here.

Anyways, I’m off to Lotte World aka the largest indoor/outdoor theme park in the world!

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Noodle salad…literally.

Kale and brussel sprout soba noodle saladI love soba noodles. They’re probably one of my favourite Asian noodles. Perfectly chewy, nutty, and goes great with just about anything. So naturally, I was thrilled when I spotted my eye on Sprouted Kitchen’s kale and brussel sprout soba noodle salad.

And salad with noodles, this was.

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Hold your horses!!!

No, I don’t have a recipe that uses horse meat, sadly. Yet.

I’ve just gotten back from vacationing in Taipei and Tokyo and I am DYING to get back into the kitchen! Expect some new umami-esque recipes in the coming week. Definitely going to try and recreate some of my favorite Taiwanese and Japanese dishes that I had during my vacation. Stay tuned!

A new chapter.

I’ve finally decided to start a food blog. This is for all of my old readers, everyone who has requested recipes, liked my photos on Facebook or Instagram (@siasteph), or who just want to learn how to cook. This is for you (and also for me since I never measure or write any of my recipes down). Here’s to a new, delicious start!

Umami & Me. Stay tuned for recipes of my very own and adapted favourites from my culinary heroes.