Back to basics.

Spicy garlic green beansSorry for the lack of entries lately. You can blame mountains of cake orders, being understaffed at my full-time job and my recent discovery of Breaking Bad. Yeah, it’s really more of the latter since I’m pretty damn obsessed right now (I’m already finished Season 3 and it’s only been a week) and trying to catch up before the series ends. That said, I haven’t been cooking too much. I’ve also been sick and going out to eat a lot since all I crave nowadays are noodle soup basically everyday.

But I’m finally back in the kitchen and ready to share more recipes with you!

First up? Spicy garlic green beans.

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Uninspired cooking.

Spicy tofu and broccoli stir fryI’ll be honest with you — I haven’t been cooking any amazing dishes as of late. This week has been just chaotic. I’ve been seriously counting down the days to my vacation. I think I really need it.

So, I apologize for the next couple posts. In my opinion, they are rather boring and basic. I guess you could say that I’m kind of falling into a little slump. I’m feeling rather uninspired and just wanting to get the hell out of Vancouver. Weather has been so great lately and I hardly feel like eating! So again, sorry.

Today’s dish? Spicy tofu and broccoli stir fry.

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Preparing for my Korea trip.

BibimguksuIt’s weird. Whenever I have an upcoming trip planned and the days draw nearer to my departure, the more food I will eat from that culture. For example? Last year I had Japanese food almost everyday until my departure to Japan and Taipei. When I arrived back home in Vancouver, I made oyakodon right away and had Taiwanese beef noodle every week for a month.

So, I’m set to leave for Korea in just under three week’s time. How am I preparing for my trip? By watching an unhealthy amount of Eat Your Kimchi videos and consuming an unhealthy amount of Korean food. Kimchi jjigae has been on my regular rotation for the past two weeks but since the weather has finally started to warm up here, I opted for something spicy yet cool — bibimguksu.

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Cold ramen?

Hiyashi chukaSo…I just realized that I leave for Korea in a mere 3 weeks time! Holy crap. No wonder shit’s been hitting the fan lately. I’ve been experiencing an influx of cupcake orders, sponsorship requests, working 6-day work weeks for the past three weeks — all while to try and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle in preparation for the Vancouver Sun Run. Which was today. Again, no training — just winged it. Now my muscles are all achy and sore, yay. BUT atleast I managed to beat my 2011 time and finished the race at 56:27! Hurrah!

Now, time for noodles, more specifically, hiyashi chuka.

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Finally using up that mo****ing mo gua.

Mo gua and shiitake egg drop soupAnd what simpler recipe than to use it all up in a soup? Thanks to my discovery of egg drop soups, I decided to pull a Serious Eats and try a new version featuring mo gua: mo gua and shiitake egg drop soup.

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Mo WHAT?!?

Stir fried glass noodlesMo gua, otherwise, known as the hairy gourd in English, is a Chinese vegetable that I have never encountered before. I’ve never consumed it, never purchased it, and have never attempted to cook it. Until now.

My boyfriend’s aunt gifted him with 3/4 of this huge melon which was then gifted to me (thanks babe). Upon receiving it, I had no idea what the hell it was. Luckily, he still remembered what it was called in Cantonese. Still, I was SOL. Because I have had no experience in cooking it whatsoever and Google wasn’t exactly helping me too much, I turned to Twitter for help. Mijune from Follow Me Foodie suggested that I cook it with mung bean noodles, shiitake mushrooms, and ground pork. But of course, I had to have it my way. I present you with stir fried glass noodles with mo gua, shiitake mushrooms, and dried shrimp.

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(Not instant) Mee goreng!

Mee gorengA few years ago when I was still cheerleading, I headed over to my friend Steph’s, who’s of Indonesian descent. Obviously, after cheer practice, we would be starving. Luckily, her mom came home recently and stocked her kitchen up with these Indonesian instant noodles: mi goreng. Hoe. Lee. Shit. This was one of those life-changing moments. I became extremely hooked. Dry instant noodles, sweet, thickened soy sauce, a spicy red sauce packet, and onion powder. Mind blowing instant noodles. And to my surprise, I was happy to find that I wasn’t the only one with this addiction. But I had to try the real thing.

For my birthday last year, I went to Penang Delight as it was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I had to order it — and it was very different then what I was expecting. It was a seriously dressed up plate of noodles. Thin, round egg noodles, bean sprouts, chicken, shrimp, tomato, lettuce — so different than the plain, MSG-laden packet of noodles of mi goreng. Still good though. I had to make this on my own one day.

And today was the day. Today I made mee goreng from scratch!

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