Broccoli trees + other great grocery spots.

Garlic broccoli saladI’ll tell you a not-so-secret secret: one of my favourite places to grocery shop would be Sunrise Market in Vancouver. It’s a super cheap, no-frills old Chinese market that I believe used to be Sunrise Soya foods which produced tofu back in the day (and I think still to this day — correct me if I’m wrong). It’s this amazing market in the middle of the downtown eastside. Fresh produce is dirt cheap and besides that, you can get killer deals on tofu, dumplings, packaged foods, etc. Basically everything.

This time around I got some huge broccoli trees that were bagged into the Reduced bin and I swear, there were atleast 2-3 heads worth of broccoli in there. For $1.00. Yes! Since I wanted to make something new with the broccoli, I decided to whip up a quick steamed broccoli salad.
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Broccoli mac.

Broccoli mac n cheese
My mom used to buy huge blocks of cheese that we’d practically put cheese on everything. I seriously mean everything. I even put it on top of white rice. Not even lying. Sometimes we’d just microwave it until it melts and eat it. Yup. And vegetables were no exception.

One of my favourite things to munch on as a kids was steamed broccoli with cheddar cheese on top. Not just a sprinkle of cheese, but a mountain of cheese. It was warmed up in the microwave until it was fully melted and oh, it was just so good. So simple too. I wanted to take that memory and recreate it into something new, hence, my broccoli mac ‘n cheese.

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Broccoli stems? My mother would be proud.

Broccoli and cheddar frittersLet’s see… Who here tends to throw out their broccoli stems? I know I used to (atleast it was in the compost bin!) but why should we throw out a perfectly good part of a vegetable that is just as equally as nutritious as the “normal” part? Yes friends. Today I’ll be cooking with broccoli stems. And I am going to create this unwanted part of a common vegetable into something remarkable. I give you whole wheat broccoli and cheddar cheese fritters.

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You say yaki, I say udon.

Broccoli and tofu yakiudonYakiudon has always been to go-to dish. The ingredients which you can put into a yakiudon is pretty much endless and it’s so quick, easy, and convenient which is what I love about it. Today I’ll be making a broccoli and tofu yakiudon.

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