Feeling a bit crumby.

Cake crumbsCrumby. Not crummy. Vacation is calling my name in less than week, for god’s sake!

Cake crumbs. Probably the easiest thing to make when you have leftover cake bits or crumbs from leveling a cake off. Crazily addicting, crunchy, and sweet. And you can do so, so much with them… Let me show you how!

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Let’s make a cake.

Banana nutella layer cakeBaking a cake can be super simple. It may seem intimidating at first but really, it’s just like a giant cupcake…with a layer of frosting in the middle and on the sides. It’s also one of those dishes that when you have the final product just standing in front of you, it is soooo rewarding.

I recently ran a contest last month for Dolce Delights in which participants create a flavour that they’d like to see on the new seasonal menu and in return, I would be bake them a 6″ layer cake…for free! This contest was aimed to create interaction on the DD social media platforms and also a chance for my employee to play around with cakes. Unfortunately (but fortunately), I had to make the cake as it was the contest winner’s wedding anniversary and I wanted to make it extra special. And also an extra 2″ larger. What was the end product? A banana nutella layer cake that I not-so-secretly wished were mine.

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Finally, a cake recipe.

Apple pie layer cake…and not just any cake…a MOMOFUKU MILK BAR-INSPIRED CAKE! Yes. YES. I attempted to make a healthy(er) version of Christina Tosi’s fabulous apple pie layer cake and it turned out to be pretty bomb-fucking-tastic. And this is why people need to have birthdays more often. Or cake in general.

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