Roasted rosemary garlic potatoesLooking for a quick side dish or carb but you only have 30 minutes? Look no further. Roasted rosemary garlic potatoes are here to save the day!

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1 more week til Korea!

Kimchi fried riceSeriously. By this time next week, I’ll be at YVR awaiting an 11.5 hour flight to Seoul, Korea! Excited. Although I am already feeling like I am in vacation mode, I still have a shit ton of work to do. 5 days of working, a crazy weekend of baking and last minute orders, my first ever market experience at the Hawker’s Market, Mother’s Day festivities, need to finish my passport challenge… I’m just thinking that I really don’t have time to pack. I’ll figure it out.

Even though I have tons of things on my mind, Korea is still the first thing on the brain. I made some kimchi fried rice the other day in celebration of my upcoming vacation.

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Preparing for my Korea trip.

BibimguksuIt’s weird. Whenever I have an upcoming trip planned and the days draw nearer to my departure, the more food I will eat from that culture. For example? Last year I had Japanese food almost everyday until my departure to Japan and Taipei. When I arrived back home in Vancouver, I made oyakodon right away and had Taiwanese beef noodle every week for a month.

So, I’m set to leave for Korea in just under three week’s time. How am I preparing for my trip? By watching an unhealthy amount of Eat Your Kimchi videos and consuming an unhealthy amount of Korean food. Kimchi jjigae has been on my regular rotation for the past two weeks but since the weather has finally started to warm up here, I opted for something spicy yet cool —¬†bibimguksu.

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Baked squash spaghetti.

Double squash and triple cheese baked pastaNot baked spaghetti squash. BIG DIFFERENCE THERE. As much as I love healthy eating, putting tomato sauce on top of spaghetti squash “noodles” just does not cut it. It is not a legitimate alternative to delicious carby pasta. No. Just no. And since I just squashed your healthy eating dreams (omg I just went there), I was hoping you’d be delighted with my healthy not-so-healthy double squash and triple cheese baked pasta.


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Spanakopita pasta.

Spanakopita pastaIt’s been a while since I’ve had Greek food. The last time that I could recall having Greek food was back on my vacation last year in Montreal at Marven’s, this wonderful family-run establishment in the town of St. Laurent. It was comforting, cheap on the wallet, and the portions were generous. Although I thoroughly enjoyed their huge, onion ring-sized calamari and tasty rib steak, I was disappointed (and much too full) that I didn’t get to try their spanakopita.

Spanakopita, or spinach pie, is one of my favourite Greek dishes. Spinach, dill, feta, onions and lemon are carefully contained in a delicate multilayered phyllo pastry that is rich, flaky and delicious. I wanted to recreate this flavour without mucking around with the fuss of buying and layering all that phyllo pastry.

The solution? Pasta. Duh. I present you with spanakopita pasta.

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The best mac ‘n cheese.

Gochujang tuna mac n cheeseSeriously. This is the best mac ‘n cheese I’ve ever made. This was a skip-the-gym-I’m-eating-all-of-this mac ‘n cheese. Never going back again. I present you with gochujang and tuna mac ‘n cheese.

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REAL risotto.

Basil pesto, pea and lemon risottoThis entry is titled “Real Risotto” because I have never actually cooked a real, legitimate risotto before. I’ve made fake risotto before (fake as in using orzo, not using wine, not using the right rice, etc.). But this time…I had all the ingredients except for the arborio rice. So I made a grocery trip out to T&T and bought a bag. This time, I was going to go all out and make the real thing…but take it one step further: basil pesto, pea and lemon risotto.

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