Cookies for an occasion.

Lemon crinkle cookiesThis past weekend was my friend Devon’s birthday and, of course, being the baker that I am, was designated “dessert girl”. I never get a say at these things. Since I was in charge of dessert, I decided to bake something up to use up a few of my organic lemons that have been looking lonely in my fridge and that could easily be shared by everyone at the party. I made some simple lemon crinkle cookies for the occasion which was a hit!

But let’s be honest, when has my cooking or baked goods ever NOT been a hit?!?!
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Crumby cookies.

Cake crumb cookiesI’ve found a new use for leftover cake: cake crumb cookies. Now, these are not to be confused with dehydrated cake crumbs that have been folded into cookie dough, this is straight up leftover pieces of day old cake that I had made into cookies. The result was actually pretty satisfactory.
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Reunited with tahini.

Tahini and almond cookiesAHHHHHHHHH I FINALLY HAVE TAHINI IN MY CUPBOARD AGAIN. I seriously went through tahini withdrawal for a good 3 months. So what do I do with it? Make David Lebovitz’ tahini and almond cookies, of course.

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On the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookies.

Whole wheat chocolate chip cookiesOh, and I forgot to mention…”healthy”? Right, like I’m going to find that.

Although I don’t make cookies as often as I used to (I used to be on a cookie diet when I was 10 – just ask my mom – I used to make cookie dough and just eat it out of the bowl, yup), I am always constantly on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve looked at The New York Times recipe, Tollhouse, AllRecipes, Bloomingdale’s but they are always super packed with refined sugars, nuts, oatmeal, crap I don’t really care about. And since I more “conscious” about what I am putting into my body it’s become a bit challenging to find what fits my needs. But when it comes to cookies, I am even having trouble ditching the all purpose flour and refined sugars. It’s even makes me cringe a little that I used whole wheat flour in this recipe. Sigh, I think I really did my best though with my whole wheat chocolate chip and flax cookies.

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