Cookies for an occasion.

Lemon crinkle cookiesThis past weekend was my friend Devon’s birthday and, of course, being the baker that I am, was designated “dessert girl”. I never get a say at these things. Since I was in charge of dessert, I decided to bake something up to use up a few of my organic lemons that have been looking lonely in my fridge and that could easily be shared by everyone at the party. I made some simple lemon crinkle cookies for the occasion which was a hit!

But let’s be honest, when has my cooking or baked goods ever NOT been a hit?!?!
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Could THIS the best banana bread ever?!

Oreo banana breadI thought I was absolutely done with finding a perfect banana bread recipe. Heck, I’m still in love with my healthy almond butter banana bread; it’s still my go-to. But with two overripe, semi-molding bananas and no almond butter in sight, I was forced to get creative and try something new.

So god I created Oreo banana bread.
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The best chocolate cake ever.

Raw chocolate banana fudge cakeAnd what’s even more exciting about it? It’s vegan, gluten-free AND raw. Yes, folks. Probably the best thing ever created. This pure genius idea was brought to you by Chocolate Covered Katie, one of my favourite dessert blogs ever. She makes all the traditional desserts into delicious, healthy ones that you don’t end up feeling guilty about!

This was the first recipe I’ve tried out from her website and I haven’t looked back since. Her raw chocolate banana fudge cake is to die for.

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Almond butter honey tartsI’M BACK FROM VACATION!!! And seriously so behind on my posts. Can’t wait to gush all about my vacation in Korea and the Philippines. Let me just say that I am so inspired to make my own versions of my favourite dishes in each country. I most certainly ate very well when I was there (5lbs heavier now…some people suggest that I have eaten both South Korea and the Philippines whole!) and I cannot WAIT to cook some dishes from my own heritage and my favourite spicy country. Stoked!

In the meantime, the next few days will be some older posts that I didn’t get a chance to finish while I was away. First up? Almond butter honey tarts.

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Let’s make a cake.

Banana nutella layer cakeBaking a cake can be super simple. It may seem intimidating at first but really, it’s just like a giant cupcake…with a layer of frosting in the middle and on the sides. It’s also one of those dishes that when you have the final product just standing in front of you, it is soooo rewarding.

I recently ran a contest last month for Dolce Delights in which participants create a flavour that they’d like to see on the new seasonal menu and in return, I would be bake them a 6″ layer cake…for free! This contest was aimed to create interaction on the DD social media platforms and also a chance for my employee to play around with cakes. Unfortunately (but fortunately), I had to make the cake as it was the contest winner’s wedding anniversary and I wanted to make it extra special. And also an extra 2″ larger. What was the end product? A banana nutella layer cake that I not-so-secretly wished were mine.

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My take on the French apple tart.

French apple tart
So…I’m not one for making apple pies. I don’t know. It just seems like a lot of work. Intimidation? Maybe. Laziness? Definitely. And PIE CRUST. You are all familiar with my pie crust fiasco from last time…

Well, this time, I used a different method. This recipe is kind of inbetween an apple tart and apple pie. I used pie crust on the bottom instead of a buttery shortcrust and thinly mandolined apples for the filling and left it open-faced. But let’s be honest… The only real reason I made this whole wheat apple pie tart was because I just couldn’t wait to use my new Le Creuset black lacquered tart pan that I picked up from the outlets during my last visit to Seattle. It’s a beauty.

Hey, there’s a celebration for everything, right?

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Quick breads.

Pear and apple quick breadI read quite a bit of food blogs and a favourite that seems to pop up (atleast on the blogs that I read) would be quick breads. And honestly, I never really knew what that was. “What exactly is a quick bread?”, I thought. I saw savoury, sweet, ones filled with fruit, ones that you could pull apart, but it never occurred to me to actually look the term up. Til today:

“Quick bread is a type of bread which is leavened with leavening agents other than yeast. Quick breads include many cakes, brownies and cookies, as well as banana bread, beer bread, biscuits, cornbread, muffins, pancakes, scones, and soda bread.”

Motherfuck. Seriously? THAT’S IT?!?! I’ve made so many quick breads it’s not even funny! Geez. And this whole time I thought it was something way cooler than that… Way to burst my bubble, Wikipedia.

And to celebrate this new found (not really) knowledge, I have made you a pear, apple, flax, oat and almond quick bread.

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