Frittata vs. quiche.

Summer vegetable frittataWhen it comes to summer, there is always an abundance of corn in season. Now, I am a huge fan of corn especially sweet jubilee and the peaches and cream varieties but I`m extremely pick where I get them from. For me, I can only have local from Chilliwack. Sure, it`s far but it`s SO worth it. Sweet, crunchy and perfect in every bite. I can`t have it any other way, I just can`t.

My family used to own a house in Harrison Hot Springs (recently sold a couple weeks ago, sigh) and we`d always get a dozen or so bags of corn either on the way to or out of Harrison. My boyfriend was able to find some Chilliwack corn being sold in Maple Ridge and picked up a dozen. Because there is only so much corn on the cob I can eat, I decided to throw it all in a delicious summer vegetable frittata.

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