My favourite comfort food of all time.

Caramelized onion, garlic and green pea mac n cheeseMan, the amount of mac ‘n cheese I make in my household might be embarassing. I am simply OBSESSED with the dish. It is the perfect comfort food — carby, rich, and totally sinful. I mean, you know it’s bad for you but you just don’t care because it’s that good.

Yeah, I made yet another amazing version of mac ‘n cheese again — this time it was a caramelized onion, garlic and green pea mac n cheese. Ugh, drool.
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Does vegan cheese measure up?

Kale and pumpkin pepperjack mac 'n cheeseThat is the question.

Surprisingly, I made a delicious kale and pumpkin pepperjack mac ‘n cheese for dinner the other night and you wouldn’t believe how good the results were. Allow me to explain.

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