Spinach overload? Make goma-ae.

Spinach goma-aeI recently discovered the Coppersmith Farmer’s Market in Ironwood Plaza in Richmond near Steveston. Despite its name, it is not an actual outdoor farmer’s market that occurs once a week. It’s more on the lines of a grocery store (think: Langley Farm Market, Kins Farm Market, etc). It’s a cute little grocery store that has amazing prices on produce where a good chunk of it is local. Hey, Richmond IS practically farmville. I picked up a ton of vegetables for just over $5.00, including 2 large bunches of locally-sourced fresh spinach.

It’s been a week and I’ve only used up one. What to do with the other? Make spinach goma-ae.

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And the last boring post…

Northern gai lan and chicken yakiudonOkay, this will be the last boring post that I forgot to write before my vacation. I seriously meant to write all these posts beforehand so I could post them throughout my 3.5 week vacation in Asia but just ran out of time and didn’t get around to doing it! I had the full intention of doing it (all my pictures were upoaded, yay!) but procrastination got to me (read: last minute packing) and, well, now we’re here. Apologies!!!

So today’s post is another one about using up leftovers (actually, this whole blog seems to have that theme…) and it turned out amazing as always: Northern gai lan and chicken yakiudon.

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The whitest sushi ever.

California rollI’m talking about the infamous California roll.

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Spicy miso ramenMiso ramen. Not tonkotsu ramen. Not the one that takes hours and hours and hours in a day. Whatever, it’s still ramen and it was still purely AMAZEBALLS. And it only took like an hour. What now!

And the taste? You know the spicy miso ramen they have at Benkei? Yea, well it tasted like that…BUT BETTER. Thick, creamy and spicy. Yum. And now I will share my secret recipe with you for spicy miso ramen. You’re welcome in advanced.

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Deep frying with…ghee?

TonkatsuSo ever since I’ve gotten into the deep frying thing, I’ve been wanting to experiment even more. And the dish I had in mind? Tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu is lightly breaded and deep fried pork that has been pounded thin and is commonly served with a side of an accompanying Worcestshire and ketchup-like dipping sauce. Kind of like a Japanese schnitzel. However, there was a problem: I was out of canola oil. Shit. What to do, what to do… The pork was already defrosting. Olive oil was definitely out of the question. Then I thought of it: ghee. I was going to try to deep fry with ghee.

This was going to be an adventure.

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