Japanese-inspired spaghetti.

Miso spaghetti with Swiss chard and tofuIt was just a few months ago that I visited Spaghetei on Robson. Spaghetei is a Japanese spaghetti bar specializing in none other than Japanese spaghetti. I had walked right passed it with my boyfriend as we were planning to go to Motomachi Shokudo for some ramen but double-backed when I noticed it was their grand opening. They were offering 30% off and we decided to give it a go.

I had their Meat Miso & Salad and my boyfriend had the Neopolitan and let’s just say that mine was 10x better. And it was so good! The miso lent a definite umami kick to the meaty sauce and the cool cucumber and tomato gave it a nice touch. The sauce was killer and the idea of a miso sauce lingered in the back of my mind…and I decided to give it a go today!

I made a miso spaghetti with Swiss chard and tofu.

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