Enchiladas…the vegan way.

Sweet potato and kale enchiladasI’ve never been a huge enchilada fan. In fact, I never really CHOOSE to ever order this. I think I’ve only ever had it about 3 times and yes, I can probably state out those times for you:

1) When I was working in Taco del Mar. Fast-food style. Yup.
2) When I was in NYC with my mom in 2007. SO. MUCH. CHEESE. Usually not a problem but it was seriously cheese overload…
3) When this guy took me on a date to The Warehouse. Hard rice. And just plain disgusting. The enchilada and the guy. Never again.

But…I decided to give it another try — my way. Sweet potato and kale enchiladas.

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Mexi rice Did you know that one of my very first jobs was at Taco Del Mar? It was back when I was 15 and although it was short-lived, I learned a lot about Mexican food — er, more like Tex-Mex food. And I discovered my love for burrito bowls. And the most important component of a burrito? The Mexican rice.

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