Party pleasers.

Mini chive and bacon quicheWe had another family BBQ over this past weekend as my brother and sister-in-law and my super cute nephew were in town. Of course, a family party was in order. With the gorgeous weather, sangria, and BBQ, I couldn’t have asked for a better set up! And this time I wasn’t bringing dessert!!! I decided to bring some mini chive and bacon quiches.

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Baking for large functions.

Mini quicheBeing the owner of my own cupcake dessert company, I do get quite a few large orders per year. I have done a number of weddings, customer appreciation days, networking events, launch parties, and Christmas parties that require a lot more work than just the standard 2 dozen order. I often get asked, “How do you do it!?!”. And although I now have my own employee, I didn’t have one before October of last year and had to do everything by myself. I did have help on one occasion but besides that, it was all me.

Planning. Calculating. Anticipating.

It’s hard work but it pays off. It sometimes leaves you with a ton of leftover ingredients, like tart shells for example. Thanks to a 1000 cupcake and pie order last month, I am now stuck with a large box of tart shells containing 200 pre-made pie shells.

What to do with them? Mini ham, caramelized onion and scallion quiche.

Luckily, my boyfriend’s friend’s 40th birthday was coming up. Perfect opportunity use up a fraction of these shells.

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