Meat makes everything better.

Chipotle sausage and spinach pasta with vodka sauceEven though practically almost everything I make is vegetarian and/or vegan, I still crumble when it comes to meat. Don’t get me wrong – I just LOVE the stuff every once in a while. Like, for instance, I just had the most craziest craving for pho and it was so bad that I actually went to the Metrotown food court and grabbed a bowl from there. Desperate, much!? Nah, it’s just me answering my body’s natural calling to…meat. Instead of banning it altogether (which I think is SO bad when people are dieting — I’ve seen so many people yo-yo up and their bodies go up and down with this), I have enough self control to “treat” myself here and there.

Remember when I made that penne a la vodka sauce the other day and suggested that it would probably taste good with a saltier component? Yeah, I threw some sausages in the mix and it was pretty ridiculous. Can’t say no to chipotle sausage and spinach in spicy vodka sauce pasta.

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Does vegan cheese measure up?

Kale and pumpkin pepperjack mac 'n cheeseThat is the question.

Surprisingly, I made a delicious kale and pumpkin pepperjack mac ‘n cheese for dinner the other night and you wouldn’t believe how good the results were. Allow me to explain.

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Pasta salad once again.

Tuna and pesto pasta saladPasta salads are one of the best things to bring to potlucks and social gatherings. Why? Because they’re a cinch to make and who doesn’t love pasta!? Hello carbz! So when my cousin and his girlfriend finally invited the family over for their first official housewarming party, I was asked to bring pasta so pasta it was! I made a tuna and pesto pasta salad.

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2 days off in a row = NEW POST!!!

Zucchini, eggplant and spinach lasagnaThings have gotten crazy as in, shit-has-hit-the-fan crazy. Yeah, cray cray. Ever since July hit, I’ve just been on the go-go-go! The past two weeks have kind of been insane. Actually, scratch that. The past MONTH since I’ve gotten back has been nuts. Goodbye relaxing, no responsibility days of my vacation — hello workaholic Stephanie!

Anyways, I’ve hardly had any time to cook. Well, wrong. I have been cooking but it’s stuff that you’ve already seen. Yes, I repeat dishes. Hey, a girl can’t be creative everyday! But no need to worry about that — I’m back with some awesome new material that will blow your mind.

Today? Zucchini, eggplant and spinach lasagna.

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Baked squash spaghetti.

Double squash and triple cheese baked pastaNot baked spaghetti squash. BIG DIFFERENCE THERE. As much as I love healthy eating, putting tomato sauce on top of spaghetti squash “noodles” just does not cut it. It is not a legitimate alternative to delicious carby pasta. No. Just no. And since I just squashed your healthy eating dreams (omg I just went there), I was hoping you’d be delighted with my healthy not-so-healthy double squash and triple cheese baked pasta.


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Spanakopita pasta.

Spanakopita pastaIt’s been a while since I’ve had Greek food. The last time that I could recall having Greek food was back on my vacation last year in Montreal at Marven’s, this wonderful family-run establishment in the town of St. Laurent. It was comforting, cheap on the wallet, and the portions were generous. Although I thoroughly enjoyed their huge, onion ring-sized calamari and tasty rib steak, I was disappointed (and much too full) that I didn’t get to try their spanakopita.

Spanakopita, or spinach pie, is one of my favourite Greek dishes. Spinach, dill, feta, onions and lemon are carefully contained in a delicate multilayered phyllo pastry that is rich, flaky and delicious. I wanted to recreate this flavour without mucking around with the fuss of buying and layering all that phyllo pastry.

The solution? Pasta. Duh. I present you with spanakopita pasta.

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(Not instant) Mee goreng!

Mee gorengA few years ago when I was still cheerleading, I headed over to my friend Steph’s, who’s of Indonesian descent. Obviously, after cheer practice, we would be starving. Luckily, her mom came home recently and stocked her kitchen up with these Indonesian instant noodles: mi goreng. Hoe. Lee. Shit. This was one of those life-changing moments. I became extremely hooked. Dry instant noodles, sweet, thickened soy sauce, a spicy red sauce packet, and onion powder. Mind blowing instant noodles. And to my surprise, I was happy to find that I wasn’t the only one with this addiction. But I had to try the real thing.

For my birthday last year, I went to Penang Delight as it was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I had to order it — and it was very different then what I was expecting. It was a seriously dressed up plate of noodles. Thin, round egg noodles, bean sprouts, chicken, shrimp, tomato, lettuce — so different than the plain, MSG-laden packet of noodles of mi goreng. Still good though. I had to make this on my own one day.

And today was the day. Today I made mee goreng from scratch!

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