Banana date oatmeal cookiesOh, my bad. I meant free as in allergen-free. Sorry to get your hopes up!!!

These banana date oatmeal cookies are 1) sugar-free, 2) dairy-free, 3) egg-free, 4) nut-free, 5) gluten-free, 6) soy-free and oh, 7) vegan. It doesn’t sound appetizing to you, does it? My sister would probably comment on me being “hipster” again but hey, they’re actually not bad at all! Plus, it’s got all these amazing superfoods mixed in which makes it even BETTER for you.

Are you ready for the recipe yet!?!
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1-minute sorbet.

1 minute sorbetI have been waiting for a sunny, warm day to post this recipe and it’s finally here! With a multiple dinner and brunch-filled Easter weekend just passing us, I opted to make a healthy dessert that is both guilt-free and a super cinch to make. 1-minute kiwi banana sorbet. Not even exaggerating, guys.

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