Back to basics.

Spicy garlic green beansSorry for the lack of entries lately. You can blame mountains of cake orders, being understaffed at my full-time job and my recent discovery of Breaking Bad. Yeah, it’s really more of the latter since I’m pretty damn obsessed right now (I’m already finished Season 3 and it’s only been a week) and trying to catch up before the series ends. That said, I haven’t been cooking too much. I’ve also been sick and going out to eat a lot since all I crave nowadays are noodle soup basically everyday.

But I’m finally back in the kitchen and ready to share more recipes with you!

First up? Spicy garlic green beans.

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Making candy.

Toasted coconut brittleI’ve been working on a number of projects lately regarding my business, Dolce Delights, and one of them has involved candy. I was recently asked by a friend of mine if I could try my hand at making some candy for his restaurant that will be opening up pretty soon in the Crosstown area. Exciting?! Totally. The thing is, I’ve never made candy before AND I don’t even own a candy thermometer. But this was a new reason to go out and get one (new toy!!!) — so I did. And I decided to make a toasted coconut brittle.

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Frittata vs. quiche.

Summer vegetable frittataWhen it comes to summer, there is always an abundance of corn in season. Now, I am a huge fan of corn especially sweet jubilee and the peaches and cream varieties but I`m extremely pick where I get them from. For me, I can only have local from Chilliwack. Sure, it`s far but it`s SO worth it. Sweet, crunchy and perfect in every bite. I can`t have it any other way, I just can`t.

My family used to own a house in Harrison Hot Springs (recently sold a couple weeks ago, sigh) and we`d always get a dozen or so bags of corn either on the way to or out of Harrison. My boyfriend was able to find some Chilliwack corn being sold in Maple Ridge and picked up a dozen. Because there is only so much corn on the cob I can eat, I decided to throw it all in a delicious summer vegetable frittata.

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Black bean and cheese pupusasToday I made black bean and cheese pupusas. Say it with me. Pu-poo-sas.

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Japanese-inspired spaghetti.

Miso spaghetti with Swiss chard and tofuIt was just a few months ago that I visited Spaghetei on Robson. Spaghetei is a Japanese spaghetti bar specializing in none other than Japanese spaghetti. I had walked right passed it with my boyfriend as we were planning to go to Motomachi Shokudo for some ramen but double-backed when I noticed it was their grand opening. They were offering 30% off and we decided to give it a go.

I had their Meat Miso & Salad and my boyfriend had the Neopolitan and let’s just say that mine was 10x better. And it was so good! The miso lent a definite umami kick to the meaty sauce and the cool cucumber and tomato gave it a nice touch. The sauce was killer and the idea of a miso sauce lingered in the back of my mind…and I decided to give it a go today!

I made a miso spaghetti with Swiss chard and tofu.

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Pasta salad once again.

Tuna and pesto pasta saladPasta salads are one of the best things to bring to potlucks and social gatherings. Why? Because they’re a cinch to make and who doesn’t love pasta!? Hello carbz! So when my cousin and his girlfriend finally invited the family over for their first official housewarming party, I was asked to bring pasta so pasta it was! I made a tuna and pesto pasta salad.

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Taking hummus to the next level.

Roasted red pepper hummusI kind of really love bean dips. Hummus is seriously my most go-to dip — it’s so quick, easy, and filling. And today, I just made the most amazing roasted red pepper hummus that pretty much completed my life. You can thank me in advanced.

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It’s been a blueberry summer.

Blueberry trifleLiving in Richmond, I’ve been lucky to grow a number of produce in both my backyard and frontyard. Apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, chives, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, alpine strawberries, yellow oregano, chives, mint… So blessed. The first half of summer was filled with raspberries and strawberries and the second half, cherries. Not a big fan of pitting cherries nor am I a fan of all the worms that we’ve gotten inside the actual cherries — it’s safe to say that I’m not a cherry lover. In fact, there’s still a huge bucket of cherries in my fridge just sitting there! Help?

Luckily, my friend G who owns a farm out in Abbotsford has been so generous to provide me with 10lbs of blueberries over the past couple of weeks. It’s been a mission of mine this year to use as much fresh produce as I can — and with blueberries, I have yet to disappoint.

And this next dish definitely exceeded my own expectations: blueberry trifle.

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Trying vegan chorizo for the first time.

Chorizo and red pepper rotiniIf you know me, I absolutely despise vegan meat. Fake sausage, fake deli meat, fake ground meat… It’s fucking disgusting. Whoever said that those products actually tasted somewhat similar to meat must be delirious cus it’s not even close. Yuck.

But if it’s in pasta, then it might be okay…right? I present you with chorizo and red pepper rotini.

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